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His Ear Bends Low

The Poetry of Julie Pack


Are we seen by a living God?

Does He hear and answer our prayers?

In this book of poetry by Julie Pack, you will be guided into a poetic quest for truth and fresh revelation. You will experience Julie’s own dynamic relationship with the living God and will be awakened to dive deeper into your own spiritual journey. Her poetic words pierce the heart with truth, expose the phony and the raw realities of life, and comfort with fresh hope and love.

Brace yourself for a poetic escapade to the depths of your soul and the heights of heaven.


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This book of poems is written for people who are seeking God, seeking the truth, and seeking the life that God has for you.


Keep seeking and don’t stop! You will find what you’re searching for if you keep on seeking!


Julie Pack’s life has been re-created through her relationship with the Creator. Having been set free from the darkness of her past, she is right now in her most rewarding season of life, capturing every moment, living with gratitude, and always seeing life as an adventure. She has enjoyed ministering, traveling missions, and many years of banking. Julie currently lives and thrives in Lancaster County, PA, with her husband, Joshua, and their two energetic sons.

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