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God's Economics

Course Description:

This course will give you Biblical revelation of God’s sovereign ownership of all world resources. You will learn how to seek, believe, and receive from God everything you need for fulfilling His plan and purpose for your life and how to walk in His abundance.


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Key Verse:

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”  - Matthew 6:33

Course Index

Unit One: Biblical Pictures of Provision, Part One: Eden to Goshen

  • 1.A - Eden: A Free Gift from God. Everything Multiplying After its Kind

  • 1. B - The Curse: Sweat & Toil, Thorns & Thistles

  • 1.C - Pilgrimage: Leaving the Curse for the Promise

Unit Two: Biblical Pictures of Provision, Part Two: Slavery to Kingdom

  • 2.A - Egypt/Slavery: Hard Labor, Building Cities for Another Man

  • 2.B - Wilderness: Gathering, Obedience, & the Fear of the Lord 

  • 2.C - The Promised Land: Eden Restored, God's Righteousness & Abundance on Display

  • 2.D - Exile/Tribute: Tending Someone Else's Land

  • 2.E - Kingdom: Jesus Paid it ALL. Fellowship with God Restored.

Unit Three: God Owns Everything & He is Generous

  • 3.A - God is the Creator & Owner of Everything. He is Sovereign Over All

  • 3.B - God is Sovereign over all Nations and Their Treasures 

  • 3.C - Offerings Acknowledge  God's Provision & Our Thankfulness

  • 3.D - God Does Not Need Anything from Anyone. He is Looking at the Heart

  • 3.E - God is Generous

  • 3.F - Godliness with Contentment is Great Gain

  • 3.G - God Gives Labor for Our Enjoyment

Unit Four: Babylon's Treasure or Jesus' Reward

  • 4.A - Babylon & the World System: Living by the Sword, Trade, & Survival of the Fittest

  • 4.B - Chasing Wealth is Vanity. Money Has No Power to Save and Will Not Profit in the Day of Calamity. The Love of Money Makes Us God's Enemy

  • 4.C - The Lord is Our Portion & Reward

  • 4.D - Commands for Kings vs. Worldly Alliances

  • 4.E - If We Have JESUS, We Have EVERYTHING. Jesus IS the Treasure

  • 4.F - When Babylon (the World and its System) Has Been Humiliated and Destroyed, We Will Stand Before Jesus

Unit Five: Seek First the Kingdom of God

  • 5.A - Seek

  • 5.B - First

  • 5.C - God's Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven

  • 5.D - His Righteousness

  • 5.E - Do Not Worry About Your Life. Humble Yourself Before the Lord. Cast Your Cares Upon the Lord. Wait for the Lord, and Keep His Way.

  • 5.F - Everything of this World is Dung Compared to Knowing Christ

  • 5.G - Blessings of the Righteous and Promises to Zion

  • 5.H - NO DEBT. Pay Taxes. NO Dependence on Government

Unit Six: Jesus' Parables About Money

  • 6.A - The Parable of the Rich Fool

  • 6.B - The Parable of the Sower, 3rd Soil

  • 6.C - The Parable of the Ten Minas/Talents

  • 6.D - The Parable of the Good Samaritan

  • 6.E - The Parable of the Shrewd Manager

  • 6.F - The Law & The Kingdom, Divorce & Remarriage

  • 6.G - The Parable of the Rich Man & Lazarus

  • 6.H - The Rich Young Ruler

Unit Seven: God's Way: Total Dependence & Outpoured Generosity

  • 7.A - God's Way = Giving in Faith

  • 7.B - God's Way = Give/Share ALL

  • 7.C - Loose the Bonds for the Least of These

  • 7.D - Support the Work of the Lord - Share in the Works of the Lord

Unit Eight: Ministry & Money

  • 8.A - Reminder: Jesus' Example

  • 8.B - The Twelve

  • 8.C - Example: Paul & Barnabas: Provided for their Own Needs Through Labor and Support from Other Believers

  • 8.D - Example: Peter & the Other Apostles: Provided for Out of Tithes & Offerings

  • 8.E - Show No Favoritism to the Rich or to the Poor

  • 8.F - NOT Turning God's House into a Marketplace. NOT Worldly Methods or Fundraising.

  • 8.G - False Teachers Prey Upon the Vulnerable as an Opportunity for Greed

Listen Now:

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Please start at the bottom with the Introduction at the bottom and work your way up.

Full Course Download Available

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