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God makes all things new... Here's the latest from Manifest Publications

By Ousha Jodha

In The Nick of Time Cover FRONT.jpg

Ousha Jodha was a devoted Hindu praying to the gods of her ancestors. As her life became more mundane and miserable, she dreamed of a life of fulfillment and purpose. Finally, when she cried out to the Unknown God, her prayers were answered through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Her life was radically transformed as God became her Father and led her by His Spirit on a path that brought all her dreams to pass.


This book is Ousha’s story of how God transformed her life after rescuing her In the Nick of Time.

By Wendy Bowen

Gospel is Power Front Cover-1000pixels high.jpg

This course will propel you into a deeper walk with Jesus. By the end of this course, you will fully know what Jesus accomplished for us through the cross and His resurrection so that you can walk in the fullness of God and the freedom of the Gospel!

By Julie Pack

His ear.jpg

Are we seen by a living God?

Does He hear and answer our prayers?


In this book of poetry by Julie Pack, you will be guided into a poetic quest for truth and fresh revelation. You will experience Julie’s own dynamic relationship with the living God and will be awakened to dive deeper into your own spiritual journey. Her poetic words pierce the heart with truth, expose the phony and the raw realities of life, and comfort with fresh hope and love.


Brace yourself for a poetic escapade to the depths of your soul and the heights of heaven.

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